CORE 100

What Is the COre 100?

 The CORE100 is the free but invite only community behind the Own Your Twenties podcast.

The purpose of which is to create a platform to engage with our most dedicated listeners and for them to learn directly from the industry experts that we interview on our show.


There will be events and opportunities to get real-world experience to develop skills towards your career. Real case studies to learn from and projects to participate in from our affiliate start-ups and businesses.

Our goal is to help you discover your calling and develop the necessary skills by connecting you to the right mentors and learning environment. We seek to empower, so you can take on your twenties with confidence. 

What You will

Take away 

Learn From Hands-on Experience & Build Credibility 

Tackle Real Problems

As part of the CORE100, you would be given opportunities to take part in helping real businesses & start-ups overcome real-world challenges 

Learn By 


You will be getting your hands dirty by learning through doing and collaborating with your peers to understand different perspectives



Experiences you gained here is not only resume worthy but skills you will retain so you can excel in any professional environment 

Improve Your Soft Skills & Connect With Peers + Mentors

Connect With Others

You will be among similar minded individuals that comes from all walks of life and others that are further along in their careers that you can learn from

Learn From


The industry expert and guests from the Own Your Twenties podcast will also be involved in the CORE100 community to help guide and support

Grow To Be


Our end goal is to empower and give you all the necessary skills for you to discovery & develop your calling, so you can take on your twenties with confidence


If you are as jazzed and excited about the CORE100 as we are, we want you to apply. Click through the link below to answer the questionnaire and we will be in touch with you shortly on next steps. 


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